Vision & Mission

Our aim is to impart this computer knowledge even to those people who are economically backward, the Jobs Computer Group is all set to provide computer related training, vocational program training at a very nominal cost through state of art facilities. Through this mission, especially farmers, laborers, students, children and women keeping in view to teach them with our training programs. With the Software Industry turning global, requirement of skilled computer professionals are increasing day by day. Through we possess strong mathematical and logical thinking skills which are the prime assets in the software industry, due to lack of right assistance and support, our exposure to IT has remained curtailed to a large extent. Even through India produces a large number of IT Professionals every year, the high fee structure for IT Education has barred many a talent from entering this field.
Jobs Computer Group is a premier organization in the field of Information Technology and has been known for providing quality Computer Education, vocational courses, distance education courses, Our Courses & IT Services meeting global standard of excellence to the Students and Corporate world